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DUNE Mod Official site.

The DUNE mod is based off of the Dune series written by Frank Herbert. Everything seen in the mod is either a result of something directly from the books, something that could be implied from the books, or something that was in tribes that is so common so as to take it out will screw over the game. If you have never read the Dune Series, (or at the very least the first one titled Dune) then you are missing out. It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular Sci-fi works of all times, and easily towers over many other classic works of literature in content, artistic phrasing, plot, characterization, philosophy and more. This mod was intended to be a reflection of the stories, and quite frankly, I don't expect it (nor was it made to) be an extremely popular mod, but instead something of a novelty, that more then likely only hardcore Dune, and Tribes fans would play. It is not yet done, but is rapidly approaching completion. Or at the very least has changes added every once in a while when I get some free time...
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Download Tribes: Full Install and Updates. (Updated 6/03/06)
Download DUNEClientPack. (Updated 6/02/05)
Download DOX-mappack. This is required to play some missions in the mod.
Download DUNE_NightAttack Campaign maps.
Download DUNE MAP-PACK 1. (Updated 5/22/05)
Download DUNE server source. (Updated 5/22/05)

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Movies section! Click here,

and see what the movies based on "Dune" *should* have been like!

Page Table of Contents

- Credits
- DUNE Mod Overview
- - Why not the movies or games?
- - Dune Universe Quick Overview
- - How To Play
- - - The DUNE Mod Strategy Guide
- - - DUNE Mod Quick Guide



All those that worked to produce this immortal game.

The Dune Series

Frank Herbert - Author of the books, creator of the universe, artist of legend.


Frank Herbert (DUNE concept)
Jesus (DUNE mod design, coding, mapping, Clientpack and Clientpack skins)
Diddily (DUNE Clientpack skins, bug fixes/minor enhancements)
Ice (code contributions)

DUNE Mod Overview

The DUNE mod is hosted regularly, (usualy in the evening) on the dedicated "House Corrino" server while in development. Feel free to stop by and check things out. In order to have a good time playing, make sure to read over the "How to play" section below, as it isn't an easy mod.
If you have never read the books, then read this over view. As previously stated, the mod is heavily based on the books, and in order to play the game properly and have fun with it, you should understand some basic concepts about the Dune universe. However, this should in no way be a replacement from actually reading the stories. If you can, read them. All the original books, and some of the new ones done by Frank's son, can be obtained via a link on my links page. They are of course all online, so if you dont mind reading them there, do so. However, I still encourage you to buy a real copy.

Why not the movies or games?

In the mod, there is little to no content from either of the movies or from any of the games. I've had lots of people question this, either directly, or indirectly by asking if something was in it (having never read the actual books, and some not knowing they existed, I got to disappoint them).

Unfortunately, the first movies--although one of my favorite and cinematically a wondrous work of art (but too short.. shouldn't have cut anything out)--has many flaws which do not coincide with the books. For instance, most of the fighting was done with guns; either projectile guns or what would be passed off as lasguns. They almost never mentioned the existence of shields, which was the main cause for the strong focus on hand-to-hand combat. Another great flaw was their "wierding module" which was supposed to be a manifestation of "the wierding way" from the books, which couldn't be depicted on screen very well, and still draw in the cash that it needed to from the action savoring audience. So instead, they made these nice little sonic weapons called "wierding modules".

The new movies were so poorly made, I felt sick the whole way through it (although somehow, against all logic, I managed to stay awake...). It to had quite a few inconsistencies and flaws, although most I have forgotten with my careful purging of as much information about those movies as I could (I try not to let crap clutter my brain).

The game series, Dune2, Dune2k, and Emperor: Battle for Dune, were each among my most favorite games. But besides the look and feel of the universe, the names and presence of sandworms, the games were even further from the books then the first movie. The reason being is that they based the games off of the MOVIE instead of the books! Thus, no longer was there any hand to hand combat (until the last one where 2 units are able to kill with a knife which no soldier can defend against) but instead lots of machine guns and big tanks, and an even grosser exaggeration of the whole "sonic weapon" concept. Again, all the games were QUITE fun, and I still felt that they honored the look of the universe effectively, which was well captured in the first movie. But they have little to do with the books.

So, it is for the sake of classical reinvention and the limiting of exaggeration that I base it off the books and not the movies or games. You will not see such obvious non Frank Herbert inventions such as "sonic weapons" or "devastator tanks" or "deviators" or "Ordos" or other such things. This is not to say that I took NOTHING from the games or movies. But instead that which I did take was based purely on speculative reasoning that such things could and possibly would exist in that world, and find frequent use. So you will see tanks in the mod, which could be reflected as "Combat tanks" from the games, and named "trackers" from the movie, since the book did mention Harkonnen use of "archaic artillery," and an abundance of suspensor lifted "ground cars," and conceivably a direct artillery blast on a personal shield would cause an overload and kill the soldier, and horribly maim any soldier near by that happened to be taking a breather from their shield cover. You will also see armored APCs, much like we have today, and much like was shown in use by the Atreides in the last game, and called by the name given in the movies as a "Crawler," since ground forces would conceivably benefit from a heavily armored transport that could transfer them into the middle of battle and drop them off, without any long distance drop, and since it was mentioned in the books that the Duke Leto Atreides did use, and have an abundance of, armored personal-carrying ground cars. As a more direct adaptation from the games, you will notice that Sardaukar soldiers are able to obtain a heavy machinegun capable of wreaking immense destruction across any unshielded platoon of soldiers, and quickly chew up even the most heavily armored vehicles. One familiar with all three games will note that this is very similar to the weapon consistently given to the Sardaukar soldiers in each of the games. Conceivably, machineguns in this universe would still have a place on the battlefield, as soldiers do, at some point, have to take down their shield to take a breather or to recharge whatever cell provides the energy for the shield. These and any auxiliary troops with inactivated shields would be prime targets for such a weapon. Furthermore, the fact that the weapon would be effective against unshielded transports further increases its ability. Lastly the heft of the weapon, the frighteningly deadly look of the weapon, and destruction caused by the weapon is itself a weapon to demoralize an enemy; just the thing that a Sardaukar would quickly employ to his advantage. And lastly, the strength and skill required to use such a weapon would make them most effective in the hands of a lifetime soldier such as the Sardaukar. So no, the movies and games did not get completely ruled out with the design of the mod, but they did take a swift back seat to the books.

Dune Universe Quick Overview

If you are not familiar with the Dune universe, then this section can bring you up to speed fairly quickly.
If you want to know only technical layouts of the warfare, which this mod is primary in its simulation of, then this artical by Daniel Duffy is an excelent read. It will give you the basics, and some specifics, your looking for and the genereal Dune mindset. I personally don't agree with everything he claims, and others while I agree with him, are not implemented in the mod, or are implemented to a different degree. Either way, it has some valuable information.
The Dune universe spreads across a thousand stars, and is based tens of thousands of years into the futures. The known universe is ruled by an Emperor of the House Corrino, which wrested control and established its reign 10,000 years earlier just after the Butlerian Jihad rid the universe of computers, banishing the creation of any thinking machine. Together with the Lansarad Council, a coalition of the great Houses (families) of the universe, and the Spacing Guild, the universe is kept in peace and order. It is the Lansarad which keeps the use of Atomics all but a distant memory, for fear of the retribution received in response to the detonation of any atomic.
Lacking the ability to use thinking machines, the Spacing Guild must rely on the spice Melange to enhance the prescient abilities of Guild Navigators, so they can peer into the future and plot a safe course through the cosmos. All others must rely on the Guild to provide cross-universe transportation. Besides this attribute, the spice also extends life, and enhances the abilities of Mentats, or human computers. In all ways, the spice is a precious commodity, and is the defining factor of wealth in the universe. Unfortunately, it can only be obtained from the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune.
Control of Dune, and its spice production was granted to the House Harkonnen, well known for its treachery and evil ways. The Harkonnen have grown rich off of its dominion, taking a powerful stance in the universe as one of the most powerful Houses. Its archrival, House Atreides, deemed as an honorable house, its soldiers fanatics to the will of their Duke, seeks this commodity, as most do, for themselves. Deception and alliance between House Harkonnen and House Corrino see the quick destruction of what was House Atreides. Looking for allies, the scattered House Atreides find friendship with the natives of Dune, a secretive, silent and deadly people known as Fremen, direct decedents of the Great Zensunni Warriors.
The Fremen are not the only ones in the remote deserts of Dune; there also live mammoth sandworms, hundreds of feet in length, which continuously disrupt spice production, and devour anything unnatural upon the sand, favoring no one.
With their new allies, House Atreides fights to regain their rule, and eliminate their enemy the Harkonnen, and eventually the Harkonnen's allies, the Atreides allies of 10,000 years made enemy, House Corrino.
Fighting in the universe is done hand to hand, with stabbing knives, and other blades. A long ago invention of the Personal shield, a force which manages to stop any fast moving particle, rendering common use of projectile weapons, rockets and other such archaic weaponry obsolete.
Lasguns, a rudimentary invention at best of a pre-shield era, slowly, and many times illegally, have been developed to a state of semi common use. However, their pyrotechnic interference when in contact with shields has made them also quite obsolete.
Other factions ply for Dune's riches. Among them are the secretive factions of Ix, and the Bene Tleilaxu. Its worlds unknown to outsiders, Ix are rumored to work with high-tech technologies, being the producers of the most powerful and advanced lasgun technology. It is even rumored that they delve in the creation and use of thinking machines. The Bene Tleilaxu have developed technology of a different sort. Frequently shunned, the bio-technological advancements of the Tleilaxu are never the less legal, and usually tolerated. Most prominently they have developed, and continue research on creatures known as Gholas- people cloned from the cells of their dead originals, complete with prior skills and abilities, but carefully conditioned to remember nothing of their past memories. Also in wide use are creatures known as Face-Dancers. Creations of the Tleilaxu Masters, they willingly obey the orders of their overlords, using their subterfuge abilities to eliminate certain persons, and shape shift to appear in almost all aspects as that person, thus providing the Tleilaxu with control of whichever group they infiltrate.
Besides these factions, there are also many other minor houses fighting for control of dune, using whatever standard technology they can afford.

Technology is focused into a few wide sections of importance in the Dune universe.
Suspensors: Suspensor technology is an ancient one, derived from the discovery of the Suspensor-Nullification effect, which nullifies gravity within certain limits prescribed by relative mass and energy consumption. Later discoveries uncovered that the effect is a secondary (low-drain) phase of a Holtzman field generator. The suspensor technology has since been used primarily in ground based vehicles known as Ground Cars. Additionally, they are used for many conveniences of lifting both light and heavy objects, and helping them move with little or no human interaction. Everything from warehouse pallets to cars, to lamps, to personal suspensor devices have been created and used.
Shields: Research on the old Suspensor-Nullification effect technology led Holtzman to discover its "wave-effect" nature. After a highly "Active" life (and lack there of), he proposed the Shield effect, which later became known as the Holtzman Effect, derived from Phase One of the suspensor-nullification effect. This shield stops any particle that is moving faster then a certain speed. Thus, only slow moving objects can penetrate the shield from either side. The kinetic energy deflected by the shield is turned into radiation energy, which quickly disperses into the air. This effect revolutionized warfare, eliminating the use of projectile weapons for most warfare purposes, and returning to a melee based warfare system. Of course, the style of fighting with a shield is specialized as it requires slow movement to pierce the shield, and fast movement to deflect your opponents attacks. Application of the Sheild Effect led to the creation many items of interest. Most relevant is the Personal Shield. Upon activation it sets up a protective barrier against the user, which allows the entry of only slow moving objects. This shield conforms to the shape of the user, instead of a bubble like concept. The shields were also brought into use as large shield walls, commonly used to protect royal palaces from both planetary assault, and planetary bombardment. Generally the shield is "stretched" between large tower substations, and when well built, could encase all sides of large structures. Lastly is the use of the shields in what are called Pentashields. Pentashields are a five-layer shield-generator field suitable for small areas such as doorways or passages (large reinforcing and virtually impassable to anyone not wearing a dissembler tuned to the shield codes).
Worms: Well, not really a technology, but certainly a necessary focus for a few reasons. The Sandworms are very large creatures that burrow under and sometimes over the sands of Arrakis. They do not go onto rock formations or slither over rocks, and their domain is restricted to the sands, mostly of the southern territories, or the equatorial territories. They are attracted by unnatural vibrations on the sands, and usually eat it when they find it. Thus the rhythmic beat of someone walking across the sand can quickly attract a worm looking for a meal. A tank rolling across the sand would also quickly attract a worm, probably faster then a single person. Spice harvesters ALWAYS attract worms. Fremen, the natives, do not attract worms attentions unless they want to. They have learned to walk without rhythm, and so never attract a worm to their presence. However, they do use Thumper devices, which create a loud rhythmic pounding that almost always attracts a worm (for when they actually WANT a worm present). Lastly, the wave effect of the suspensor-nullification devices normally send worms into a berserk state which usually results with the device, and anyone around it, being quickly eaten. Each successive phase of the effect (shields being stronger then suspensor) will provide a greater attraction for the worms. It is for this reason that shields are used in a very limited degree when on the planet Dune, resulting in more frequent use of archaic projectile weapons. The Fremen never use shields, and thus have learned to kill quickly and effectively, without the use of shields, both with projectile weapons, and melee weapons.
Lasguns: Lasguns were an imperfect, but dangerous technology before the invention of the personal shield, and were used as weapons frequently before hand, replacing projectile weapons despite their problems (being a new technology subject to lots of problems, much like early handguns). The development of shields however, reduced their use to less then that of projectile weapons. The problem with using lasgun in a shielded environment is not as simple as it doesn't do any damage to the victim, but instead that when the beam of a lasgun comes in contact with a shield, the resulting pyrotechnics causes an atomic sized explosion both at the point of origin of the the beam and the point of contact (the frequencies of the beam and shield overloading both the shield generator and lasgun generator). This of course, is extremely bad in a warfare situation where one wants to restrict personal casualties. Thus their use is restricted to only rare times, and then used only by extremely experienced personnel.
Ornithopters: The development of Ornithopters was the result of the Bulitarian Jihad. The extinguishing of thinking machines called an end to fixed-winged vehicles, which by that time operated only with the presence of an onboard computer. The need for a stable air transport system in commercial, industrial, travel and warfare brought about the development of Ornithopters. Utilizing the extracted heart of specialized ocean Muscles, the Ornithopter's wings are given the ability to "flap" very similarly to that of a bird or insect. This provides high maneuverability, decent speed, and the ability to hover in one place. On a world where traveling on the ground could cause you to become the snack of a sandworm, Ornithopters can be quite useful.

How To Play

The DUNE mod isn't like other tribes mods. It is more complicated, and takes more actual knowledge of the over all mod--weapons, armors, teams, vehicles, effects--to play. It's NOT a normal shoot'em-up. In this section, there are some basic ideas you should be aware of, and play by in order to play it correctly, have fun with it, and not get frustrated. This list will be changing, and is not in a finalized version by far yet. The original quick-guide was written by the player Robotek, and slightly edited by me.

The DUNE Mod Strategy Guide

The quick guide below can help get you started, but if you want to become a master, click on the above link, and learn to play as one.

DUNE Mod Quick Guide

1: Shields prevent ALL damage from bullets and standard explosives. Only melee weapons, and on a limited basis flames, can penetrate it. High explosives that produce enough pressure can also overload the shield, rendering it useless, and the occupant dead.
2: Shields react dangerously when stuck by lasgun beems. When hit, the shield will create an atomic class explosion and a feedback pulse killing both the shield and lasgun users. If you are the cause of the explosion, (in this case the lasgun wielder) then three or more instances might gain the attention of the Lansarad council, and get you kicked.
4: Shields work both ways. All projectiles you fire from within the shield will not penetrate it and the heat generated will damage you as well as burn up your air supply.
5: When using shields, energy is equivalent to how much air you have in your shield. It will slowly go down as you leave it on. When you run out of energy you will suffocate, killing you slowly.
6: Stunners for all effective purposes act as knives because of their slow suspensored poisoning projectile. Because of this, they can be fired from within shields and penetrate them.

1: Lasguns are the most deadly weapons in the Dune universe, but react explosively when they hit shields thus killing both the user and target
2: Lasguns have limited range, don't complain if you cant hurt the person with them- your probably either missing or not close enough. The ranges, in order, are Rifle lasgun at the longest range, Heavy lasgun, Small lasgun, and cutteray.
3: Lasguns do NOT drain from your personal energy but rather from energy cells that take the form of ammunition.

1: Knives are more or less the only way to penetrate shields.
2: Pressing your grenade button while in a melee fight will provide you with a 60% chance of blocking all your enemy?s melee attacks for 0.5 seconds. However, during this time, you will not be able to attack.
3: As a last ditch effort, you can throw knives using your drop weapon button to damage opponents.
4: Hitting an opponent?s right hand will disarm him/her. Hitting his/her head will multiply the damage, and his/her legs will fraction the damage.

1: Weapons use clips so you may have many times as much ammo as it seems. Check your inventory to see how many clips you have left.
2: Poison will constantly deal you damage and cannot be cured. It will gradually go away. I suggest you try to survive by healing until then.
3: Burning works in a similar way as poison but last for a much shorter duration.
4: Killing yourself increases your spawn time, as will causing atomic explosions by any means. You can check your spawn time at any time by pressing tab and selecting the display spawn time option.
5: When struck a fuel pack WILL explode killing the person carrying it and injuring those in the area.
6: No, there are no jetpacks in this mod. The closest thing to one is the suspensor pack that will allow for limited flight/hovering.
7: Different teams have different weapons. In the end they are, and will be, all balanced. Don?t complain unless you have a well thought out argument. Then post it in the forums.
8: Do not insult Jesus or the mod, if you don?t like things then leave. [Got to love this one! Thanks Robotek, I owe ya]

Don't like the layout? Hate the admin? Hate the mods? Hate anything? Like anything? Does red and black together scare you? EMAIL THE ADMIN with any complaints/compliments.
Want to submit a map for the either of the mods? Send an email with your map attached, to Deathknight@hush.com. Serverside maps, upon approval, will be put into rotation immediately, and both clientside and serverside maps will be placed in the next available mappack for that mod. If you use any prefabs that are not either in the standard tribes compliment(includes the open call upgrade) or the DOX maps, then make sure to send them with the map.

**Warning: I do save emails that i find humorous, and do post them on this site. All names, email addresses, sign-names or other information that could inform others as to the original author are removed before posting.


Check out these webrings for more information on the DUNE universe.