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DAF Mod Official site.

The Delta Air Force mod (DAF) is based off of the original Delta Force mod (DFT). The main focus of the mod changes was a move towards more airbased combat, and improvements on ground combat. It has been hosted by Jesus on the HAPPYLAND server for well over a year during its development, and has come to a point where it, although obviously similar to its parent DFT, is quite capable as an independent, unique mod.

Visit the DAF Mod Forum by clicking the link below.

Download DOX Mappack. ***Required for some missions.
Download Original DFT maps coverted for DAF.
Download DAF MAP-PACK 1.
**NOTE: The DFT client pack mentioned in this map-pack CAN be replaced by the DAF map-pack and function normaly. So, when installing the MAP-PACK1, treat all instances of "DF Clientpack" as "DAF Clientpack" which can be obtained below.
Download DAF MAP-PACK 2.
Download DAF ClientPack (Updated 7/6/06)
Download DAF DF_BackToIraq.
The map DF_BackToIraq unpackaged. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF DF_OverTheTop.
The map DF_OverTheTop packed up. *CLIENTSIDE*. Also includes the new serverside map DF_CannonCrusher. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF DF_Hunt.
The map DF_Hunt unpackaged. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF DF_Alamo and DF_Extraction.
The maps DF_Alamo and DF_Extraction (for serverside). You'll need the most recent version of the server source for these (6/06). NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF Updated Maps.
The maps contained in this download are for server hosts. It contains a small select number of maps that required updates since the mappacks have been released. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well. Updated 8/22/06
Download DAF DF_Pinnacle_Nucflash.
The map DF_Pinnacle_Nucflash. If you're a server admin, you'll need to download the newest version of the server source code to run this map (anything after 8/20/06 should be fine). If you're a player, all you need is what is available in this download. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF DF_LTSAndBAK.
Three maps; two Last Team Standing maps and a player/AI mix map. If you're a server admin, you'll need to download the newest version of the server source code to run this map (anything after 1/28/07 should be fine). If you're a player, you don't need this.. NOTE: the disclaimer in mappack 1 and mappack 2 apply to these files as well.
Download DAF server source.Updated 1/28/07

Wanna see some screenshots? Click here!

Want to submit screenshots? Check below for my email! Follow the directions for map submissions, and make sure to mention it is a Screenshot submission!



All those that worked to produce this immortal game.


Nick "Enigma=DFT=" Musurca (DFT Lead Programmer / Designer)
Ron "Thrax=DFT=" Freas (DFT Offical Cartographer / Designer)
Joal "AngryGnome" Mendonsa (DFT Modeler / Web Designer)
Rodent (DFT Skin Artist)
Zechmoriah=DFT= (DFT Interface Programmer)


Jesus (DAF everything)
Diddily (DAF Later dev and code suggestions/input)
Ice (important code suggestions/inputs, including clip code)
KatGurl-lolz (AutoPilot script for the Clientpack)
Anyone that submitted one or more maps used in the map-packs

Obvious Changes From DFT


The clientpack download is pretty much the exact same as the clientpack download for DFT. The only difference is that it includes a small clientside script that allows the execution of barrel rolls in the jets, when the mine button is pressed. The script also will disable jets, so you never get yourself stuck.

The mod

The mod has had many changes, both visible and invisible during its progression; many of which I have forgotten, making this an incomplete list. Either way, I will attempt to cover the big changes if not some of the small changes. The beforementioned "invisble" changes, probably wont be mentioned at all, unless they really stick out in my mind.

Ground Changes

---Grenedier Armor added: Identical to infantry in most ways, except they can't carry as much gun ammo, or guns, but can throw grenades and mines much further, and they get a butt load of them.
---Bleeding Added: If you get shot, catch some shrapnel, get stabed, or otherwise obtain a hole in your skin, you'll start bleeding, and wont stop until you get yourself healed by a medic, or by a repair kit. For each hole you aquire, you bleed that much faster.
---Leg Damage: If you get shot in the leg once, you lose the use of one of your legs. You can no longer jump, and your movement is reduced by half. If you get shot again, you are reduced to crawling speed. The first two shots will cause no actual damage to your person, but will make you start bleeding. If you get shot any time after that, you will take half damage.
---Arm Damage: If you get shot in the right arm, you will drop your weapon, and lose the ability to use a weapon until you are healed. Damage taken in the right arm is half of its normal damage, and starts a bleeding tick.
---Head Damage: If you get shot in the head, you die. Pure and simple.
---Parachute: It works a lot better then the old one. When deployed it slows you to a constant speed in the same direction you were headed (generally down, but if you were going sideways as well, you will still be going sideways slightly). Don't deploy it when your going too fast, or you might find your body ripped in half.
---Grapple: The grapple has been changed. It now requires a minimum 60 degree angle of aim (up) in order to function, and "lifts" you at a slower speed. You can however attach it at any angle. Thus letting you attach it at your feet, drop off the side of a building/bridge, and "grapple" down. Just make sure once your off the side, you aim UP at the point of contact.
---Grenades: Grenades have two blast radii now. The first, and smaller one, is concussion damage. If your caught in this blast, you'll probably die. The second blast is a wide area blast of lesser shrapnel damage. If your caught in this blast, you could find your leg blown out, arm blown off, or (if it was above you) your head getting a nice new shiny piece of metal loged in it. They also look and sound more like real grenades, and less like tribes "plasma" grenades.
---Armor Sizes: All the armor's hit boxes have been reduced, making them harder to hit, and making it so you can actually walk through that door way that logically you should be able to...
---Clips Added: Clips have been added to weaponry, so you have to reload now once in a while, and over all cannot carry as much ammo (most of the time).
---LAW changed: The LAW has been changed to delete after firing. This is the result of it being a one time use weapon. Basicaly, its a round metal shell with a handle and an igniter, with a rocket thrown in the middle. Once fired, the metal tube is usless.
---Mine Changes: The mines have been split into 4 different kinds--M14 APMines which like to blow the legs out from under poor soldiers, M16 APMines, which toss a timed charge into the air, which exploads at about head height, usually resulting in a nasty headache, M15 AAMines, which do not detonate when stepped on by soldiers, but when triggered by ground vehicles, deals some nasty damage, BLU-92/B APMine, which is deployed by the GaterMine Clusterbomb--and restricted to only certain classes for use, and in small quantities. They are now bought as a pack, but still use the mine button to deploy.
---Sniper Limit: The sniper limit has been repealed (as it was buggy anyways, and snipers are no longer the ultimate class).
---Smoke Enhanced: Smoke briefly blinds those it comes in contact with.
---Weapon Names changed: Some of the weapons were basicaly given new names to reflect current common military use.
---Damages Tweeked: Damage on bullets were changed, so most bullets usualy will kill or seriously damage those they hit. The larger the caliber, the more the damage.
---MP5 Fixed: The MP5 now fires more like a sub-machinegun; fast, and less accurage then rifle class weapons.
---Explosive Charge enhanced: The explosive charge now does more damage, has a wider area of damage, and uses a different explosion shape.
---Knife Added: A knife was added, which when equiped, deals damage to whomever you run into (you do not need to "fire" it). For the Special Operations Armor, it kills in one hit.
---Falling Damage increased: Yep. It does more damage.
---20mm Enhanced: The 20mm gun emplacement was enhanced. It now fires faster and has more ammo, making it an extreamly effective addition for defense or offense.
---Flamethower Tweeked: The flamethrower's "fire" was changed up. It now only lasts a fraction of a second, goes straighter, and doesn't bounce off walls, unless REAL close.
---Remote turrets: Remote turrets were remove because of logistical reasons. Yes, such things can concieveably be made, and I'm sure they have been. But they are also RIDDLED with problems (friendly fire since a computer is going to have a hard time distinguashing) and the fact that.. well, they arn't used in a common, or special operations military situation. That and their removal promotes more teamwork.
---Sandbags: Sandbags were added. Helps defend against lots of fun things including people and tanks!
---Hrm: Can you think of anything else? 'Cause thats all I can remember for this section...

Vehicle Changes

---Pads split: The vehicle pad was split up into three separate ones: Chopper pad, tank pad, and jet pad. Each, of course, produces its own type of vehicle.
---Hind Added: A Hind was added to the list of choppers. A unique addition, it's about the only item in the mod not used by the American military. Where the Apache is a dangerous foe for tanks and armor, the Hind is a devistating foe to infantry.
---5 New Jets Added: In addition to the current A-10 Warthog, the F-14 Tomcat, F-16 Falcon, B-52 Stratofortress, C-130 Hercules, and AC-130U Gunship were added to the selection.
---Jet Behavior Enhanced: The jets' behavior was changed. They have been brought to about as close to real jet physics as one can get with the tribes engine on a serverside mod.
---Landing Gear Addded: The jets were given "landing gear" to keep them alive on take offs and landnings. If the jet is very level, under 3/4 speed, and above a prefab (like a runway), it will not take impact damage.
---3 New Tanks Added: In addition to the Abrams, Bradley and Humvee, the Bradley Linebacker, MLRS, and M548A3 Truck--which mounts a Volcano Mine-Layer system--were added.
---Abram's Gun Fixed: It doesn't shoot straight like a rocket anymore... it has balistics now.
---Missile Locking Addition: Weapon option put in to switch from the standard LOS onfire lock to a "fly by" postfire lock.
---Loop Allowance: Fighter jets modified to allow them to do full loops (up and over). Unfortunately it works on a "winding" principle, so you can only loop a certain number of times before you have to "unwind." Hopefully the value is high enough so that this never has to occure.
---Barrel Roll: Code was put in and keyed to the "drop mine" button that will allow those with the clientpack to execute a barrel roll in the Fighter Jets.
---Passenger Changes: Large weapons on vehicles, such as the Abrams gun, or the TOW missile, require the passenger to be in artillary armor in order to operate the weapon (or sit in the passenger position).
---Vehicle::OnCollision: The function Vehicle::OnCollision was completely rewrote, and reorganized resulting in a logical progression of code. This also resolved the infamus "Apache Bug" released with DFT which caused the server to crash if two people attempted to enter the same Apache. Dispite earlier attempts to fix the problem, this solution also allows pilots to ride as passengers again.
---Hardpoints Added: Hardpoints were added onto all pertinent vehicles that use hardpoints, in correct numbers with the actual vehicles. Vehicles that have internal guns load with those guns, but can also mount a wide selection of missiles bombs and more. Depending on the vehicle some weapons are not allowed to be used, as they either physically cannot use them, or do not use them in real life. For Hercules, loading Daisycutters or Cargo Crates onto the plane use up passenger slots. The vehicles that use hardpoints now actually keep track of ammo on those hardpoints, and fire FROM those hardpoints. This does not apply to the "bombbay" type vehicles (hercules, b-52).
---Vehicle Armor: The vehicle armors for all the vehicles were beefed up, and the damage mods were adjusted. No longer can you take out a tank by shooting at it a few times with a pistol. No longer can you knock an apache out of the sky by throwing a couple SAW bullets by it.
---Vehicle Ordinance: As mentioned before, there are a lot of new vehicle ordinances. Not including primary weaponry (like internal guns) there are currently 23 different ordinances.
---Fighter Points: Blowing up manned vehicles no gives the attacker points, and displays a nifty vehicle death message to alert others that the pilot got shot down. No longer do fighter pilots need to be humble.
---SAM Warnings: SAMs now give locking warnings when they fire a missile at you.
---Locking Warnings: Locking warning "beeps" increase in rate of occurance as the missile gets closer to your aircraft.
---Countermeasures: Countermeasures were put in. Both flares and chaff are available and are selected through the tab menu. Missiles were divided into either Radiation Locking, or Radar Locking. Flares will confuse Radiation Lockers, and Chaff will confuse Radar Lockers.
---AA Turrets: The fire range on the SAMs and Flak turrets has been extended, so if they have visual confirmation outside of their normal sensor range, they will still fire (it did it before, but now it will fire at things even further away, thus making manually defended bases and "manned" SAMS more dangerous). Additionally, the Flak turrets have been modified so that when manned they can fire only at a 20degree angle and up. Not sure if it was listed, but before hand, you couldnt man them at all (a change of mine that i have corrected with this). The SAMs are still restricted from being manually controlled.
---Firelinking Options: Firelinking options have been added. Accessable through the tab menu, it allows you to fire your weapons on a Hardpoint using vehicle, either normally, with "like weapons" (i.e. all your HP using hellfires, or all your "gun" type weapons) firelinked, or all selected hardpoints/weapons firing at once (this last is supported through the clientpack only).
---Hrm: Can you think of anything else? 'Cause thats all i can remember...

Misc Changes

---Dedicated Options: Lots of options for a dedicated server available. Most are listed at the top of game.cs. These include things such as turning off echoed chats, echoed spawning, an admin chat, an admin bomb ect.
---Spam protection: Enhanced spam protection added. Prevents players from saying the same thing twice in a row. Also a "notalk" feature that disables global chats to improve teamwork. Sound messages have also been disabled over global chat, although i'll probably stick in a toggle for it. Stops those REALLY annoying people from spaming with specialized v-messages.
---Commander Setting: Teammates are able to set team commanders with an option via the tab menu. Being set as a commands allows you currently to only buy the Hydrogen bomb, and access dropbase options.
---Drop Bases: "Drop-base" code was added in. Used for new specialized missions where the team builds their own base. Among that which can be built is a Spy Satalite Uplink which provides a moveable "radar" satalite controlled by a team commander via the drop base options.
---Hrm: Can you think of anything else? 'Cause thats all i can remember...

Future Changes And Additions

Well, I say I plan on adding these in at some point, but that all depends on how board I am, and how lucky you are. ---Scrap Gun: A "gun" much like the reloader, that would scrap a vehicle and any loaded ordinances, returning the cash to the scrapper's team. Would be configured to scrap ordinances first, then vehicle, so the vehicle could be stripped of its ordinances and reloaded if desired.
---AI Add-On: An add-on for the mod that would make more use of the Tab-Commander option. Using it, the commander will be able to call in reenforcements in different forms. Each team could only call reenforcements either a certain number of times per game, or once ever few minutes. Each call would cost a different amount of Team Energy depending on the call. All infantry calls would be paratrooped in. Possible calls could include a "squad" of four AIs. Their function would be predefined by the caller, mostlikly things like Standard squad--3m16inf,1sawinf--a Grenedier squad--3m16gren,1m16inf--an Anti-tank squad--2LAWinf,2m16inf--an AA squad--2StingerSpec,2m16inf--an artillary squad--2howArt,2m16inf. Other calls could include specialty AIs. Their functions would run as follows; engineer--eng for repairs,vehicle loading--medic--medic for... you know--sniper--just a simple sniper bot--assasin--an advanced assasin bot that would target one person and continue until one of them is dead--a commando bot--a highly skilled specops bot good for eliminating internal targets. Other calls could include, of course, Air reenforcements. Their functions would run as bombing strike--warthog bombing--carpet bombing strike--b52--percision bombing strike--f-16 with mavs, or divebombing--nuclear bombing strike--b52 with hydro--napalm strike--warthog with nap--fighter escort--F-14 escort--Hind AP attack--2 hinds... need i say more?--Apache Anti-Armor attack--3-4 Apaches with variable ordinance. Singile vehicles could also be called in for more direct orders. Unfortunately ground vehicles probably wouldnt be able to be called in given both the logicstics of time frame for getting there, as well as AI difficulty with controling the guns (and not hitting it's own vehicle).

Don't like the layout? Hate the admin? Hate the mods? Hate anything? Like anything? Does red and black together scare you? EMAIL THE ADMIN with any complaints/compliments.
Want to submit a map for the either of the mods? Send an email with your map attached, to Deathknight@hush.com. Serverside maps, upon approval, will be put into rotation immediately, and both clientside and serverside maps will be placed in the next available mappack for that mod. If you use any prefabs that are not either in the standard tribes compliment(includes the open call upgrade) or the DOX maps, then make sure to send them with the map.

**Warning: I do save emails that i find humorous, and do post them on this site. All names, email addresses, sign-names or other information that could inform others as to the original author are removed before posting.